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Our goal is simple. We aspire to build a better Janesville by serving the financial needs of our customers and creating lasting relationships within our community.

Janesville State Bank is a locally owned and operated financial institution serving Janesville and the surrounding communities. We are a five-star, full-service bank committed to providing value to the customers, staff and communities we serve.

History of JSB

Whipple & Hill, with C. H. Whipple, J.W. Hill, and W.S. Hill as co-owners, operated the first bank in Janesville. In November of 1878, the Hill Brothers became the bank's sole owners. On July 6, 1885, the "Bank of Janesville," operated by G. R. Buckman, was sold to Jennison Bros. This bank, a part of Jennison Bros. Milling Co., later became known as "The Janesville Bank". In 1894 The Janesville Bank constructed and moved across the street into the current Ms Mac's Antiques building on the corner across from the Post office.

On September 1, 1898, the Waseca County Bank opened for business with James Slocum serving as its President with A. M. Slocum, Emil Dieudonne, John Finley, R.O. Craig, J.O. Chandler, and H.C. Chase as stockholders. The bank was located in part of the building then operated as the Jensen garage. On January 31, 1908, the Waseca County Bank and the Janesville Bank merged to form the Janesville State Bank with the merged bank located in the Janesville Bank's building.

In other banking news in Janesville in 1908, the Citizens State Bank opened for business in the building vacated earlier that year by the Waseca County Bank. James J. Sullivan served as President. In 1926, Citizens State Bank erected a new building on the corner of Main and First Streets, where the current Janesville State Bank is located. The building was formally opened in 1927. The Citizens State Bank closed in April, 1933, as a result of the Depression. In 1936, the Janesville State Bank purchased and relocated to the former Citizens State Bank building.

While the building at 201 N. Main continues to be operated by the Janesville State Bank, many changes have taken place since 1936. In 1948 the Janesville Insurance Agency was added to the bank. In 1958, the interior of the building was remodeled with bandit barriers removed from in front of the tellers and replaced with modern teller units. A night depository was also added to the building. In 1969, the bank began processing checks and deposits by computer. In 1971 and 1973, the Janesville State Bank purchased Ella's Log Cabin and the Village Diner restaurant buildings located to its north. In 1974 the bank went through a major remodeling and expansion north, nearly doubling the square footage of the building and adding an auto drive-up facility. In 1983, Janesville State Bank purchased its own computer to run the entire bank operation. In 1992, the bank completed a large addition onto the east side of the building, relocating the Janesville Insurance Agency from the front of the bank. Also in 1992, a second lane was added to the auto drive-up facility. In 2007, the bank building went through a major remodeling both inside and out.