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Switch to Janesville State Bank

Switching financial institutions, especially for something used on a daily basis, can seem like a hassle. At JSB, we don't want you to feel stuck where you are, which is why we make opening a new checking account and closing your old one as simple and easy for you as possible.

We'll Help You

  • Open your new account
  • Switch direct deposits and automatic payments to your new account
  • Close your old account
  • Learn the features and benefits of your new account

All You Need to Do Is

  • Provide information on any accounts and automatic payments tied to your old checking account
  • Provide authorizations to other financial institutions and companies where your automatic payments are set up

Closing Your Accounts

Before closing your account(s), review the list below to make sure the following have been completed:

  • All checks have cleared your old account and your old checks have been destroyed*
  • All debit card/ATM transactions have cleared and your cards have been destroyed*
  • All automatic payments have been changed to your new account at Janesville State Bank
  • Confirm all direct deposits have been changed to your new account at Janesville State Bank

* Bring your old checks and ATM/check cards to Janesville State Bank and we will safely destroy them for you

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